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Parents always eager to select quality products for their children, we certainly care about how they think and what their concerns are. Thus, we bring you the best, the most gentle, natural and non-toxic products.

Skincare products are mainly selected from those that are made using natural and organic ingredients. All of our products are ECOCERT certified, they are free from Parabens, ingredients contain no mineral oil components, no SLS, no SLES, no artificial fragrance, no artificial color, and are against animal testing.

During the early stage of baby’s development, infants tend to manipulate the world and to explore objects around them by putting them in their mouths. Product safety is the utmost important concern to us, our merchandise do not contain harmful chemicals such as lead, plasticizer and non-toxic pigments. Our principals are to let babies learn in a safe and playful ways, through toys and games, to initiate critical thinking, problem solving skills and innovate new ideas.





As a 2-kids mother, I’m fully recognized all the needs from every growing stage, so love to sharing to all parents.
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