aromatica Calendula Soothing Relief Mask (5 Sheets)

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A 100% organic cotton mask that 76.5% Calendula Extract helps to calm the skin stimulated by strong sun rays while Olive Leaf Fermented Extract and Bifida Fermented Extract nourish dry skin, suitable for sensitive skin.

  • A 100% organic cotton sheet that acquired the international organic certification ‘OCS (Organic Content Standard)’.
  • 15 minutes instant skin relief.
  • Adjusts balancing moisture and oil of the skin.
    • Helps to relieve the shine on the skin by excess sebum and even out skin texture.
  • Especially suitable to use for sensitive skin.
    • Formulated with nature-derived ingredients to minimize stimulation on the skin.
  • Featured Ingredients
    • Calendula: helps to leave the skin toned by balancing oil and moisture of sensitive skin.
    • Organic aloe vera: soothes the reddened and sensitive skin stimulated by the sun.
    • Fermented Extracts: contains Olive Leaf Fermented Extract enriched with unsaturated fatty acid and Bifida Fermented Extract to nourish dry skin and enhance skin radiance.
    • GAG (Glycosaminoglycas): Ecocert-certified ingredient extracted from mushrooms improves skin by helping absorption of soothing ingredients(Calendula + Aloe Vera) into the skin.

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Dimensions 150 x 45 x 185 cm


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