02 Tutty Fruity Shower Gel

Buds for Kids: Tutty Fruity Shower Gel (350ml)

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Keeping yourself clean is very important, especially after fun, play and adventure. Plus, it keeps you feeling fresh. Buds for Kids Shower Gel is mild and hydrating yet cleans effectively. Our planet and kid friendly ingredients include Aloe Vera to hydrate your skin while Tutty Fruity’s ocean of fruits indulges and energises you.

99.4% of the total ingredients are from Natural Origin

99.6% of the plant ingredients are from Organic Farming


Clean and hydrate your skin with this energising Tutty Fruity shower gel. To make your shower gel go a long way, use it with a wash cloth or natural sponge. This makes loads and loads of extra bubbles. Using less is part of being earth friendly.

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