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Terms & Conditions

1) After the successful confirmation order, shall at the time of delivery to make any changes or cancel

2) Ruoyin phone or address provided by the customer errors result can not pick-up, the customer shall be solely responsible for all the consequences. So please before providing mailing information to ensure the information provided is correct.

3) Please verify that the recipient as soon as possible after receipt of goods, such as non-human factors found in the damaged goods or damage caused due to the production process, please contact us immediately for return request, we will arrange for replacement of the same goods.

4) All orders subject to availability of suppliers of goods and then as a final confirmation, if we failed to provide any of the goods ordered, we reserve the right to cancel the order, and will notify the customer by phone or email refund arrangements.

5) In case of any dispute, FamilyKits will retain the right of final decision. For additional terms and conditions, see “Terms of Use.”